Mars and Saturn Retrogrades

The always intuitive Silver Ravenwolf writes about the importance of both Saturn and Mars retrogrades – what they mean in our own life, and what they mean for the world. I find it fascinating that this Mars in Libra turning retrograde reflects so precisely what is going on right now internationally. Especially with the conflicts in the Ukraine, and with other countries, including our own, so intent on military intervention to solve all conflicts, this particular retrograde might suggest a very interesting series of possibilities. The Mars/Libra configuration is tricky in all cases, but to see the Mars retrograde action in light of the Ukraine conflict could indicate that whatever is undertaken militarily by outsiders could fail miserably. Mars’ rulership over warfare and the military, coupled with Libra’s powerful drive for harmony, peace, compromise – quite the struggle to begin with. But the retrograde further complicates matters by holding this energy in, so that a volcanic mis-step is possible. Let’s all hope that the power of Libra will over-come any rush to violence.

To know more about how these retrogrades will impact you personally, you should see where this Mars retrograde will be living in your own chart.  The issues of that particular house will be the ones most influenced by the retrograde.

Personally, my own natal Mars is in Libra, in my 12th house — so I know about the conflicts between active, aggressive Mars and harmonious, peace-loving Libra….AND in the 12th house, no less! But what that means during this retrograde, personally, is that I have a wonderful opportunity to explore what this configuration has meant to my life. Since I have several long-term projects begun long before this retrograde, it is also a perfect time to work toward completion, using this slow-down to aid greater concentration and focus.

What about that Saturn retrograde? Silver tells us: “What is Saturn all about? Goals, Ambition, Limits, Obstacles, Conservative-ism, Structure, Older People, Responsibility, Teaching, Reward, Self-Control. Saturn is the “structure” planet. What does Saturn rule? Laborers, Heritage, Advice, Prison, Old Buildings, anything underground, Poverty, Farming Profits, Long Illness, Mines and more. In what sign does Saturn retrograde? Scorpio. Scorpio is all about extremes, potential, intensity, sex, taxes, debts, crisis skills, self-mastery, politics, transformation and that which is hidden. ” All of this resonates for me, personally, since one of my very large projects currently is one that focuses on the labor abuse in higher education. It is very much a Saturn issue. Also, personally, my natal Saturn is in Scorpio, in my first house (always a cheery configuration, right?) So, this particular Saturn retrograde will intensify the work I am doing, the writing and documentary work I am involved in around this issue. This retrograde will allow me to concentrate, to focus, to empower this work.

So, again, you want to explore where this retrograde Saturn is stationed in your own chart, and examine what issues it might most powerfully bring to the forefront.  Saturn has a bad reputation, I think, for being a heavy task-master.  And, although it can be true, the more positive interpretation is that Saturn is the planet which holds you to your own karma, which requires you to keep those most important destinies in mind.  A great teacher, albeit a bit stern at times, Saturn can (like a stern but generous teacher) require you to be your best possible self.

What does this retrograde mean for us in the larger sense? Silver says “The biggest thing I’ve noticed with a Saturn retrograde is that authority figures shut down, turn within, and don’t listen to the world outside of themselves. They try to make changes, which often blow up in their faces. ”

This would, in my opinion, connect to the Mars retrograde – where global leaders might be foolish enough to refuse the wisdom of counsel and push forward in disastrous ways. Let’s hope that this is not the case.

I believe that the people of the world – and the people of the so-called “world power” countries — are sick to death of the injustices, the war-mongering, the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of far too few. I look at these two retrogrades as a time when the larger spiritual shifts can begin. Those of us who see the world through a spiritual, metaphysical lens, and who know that major changes are coming can use this time of a Mars/Saturn retrograde to work diligently on issues of injustice, on the desire for harmony and peace. These two planets in retrograde might provide us with some very powerful time to build strength, build resolve, build our mutual empowerment so that, once the planets go direct, some major positive changes will begin to take place in the world.

Silver RavenWolf

Our words are layers of magick that form our lives.  If you utter it, you activate it. Our words are layers of magick that form our lives. If you utter it, you activate it.

Everything we think, everything we do — consists of layers.   Experience.  Belief.  Emotions.  Perception.  Every magickal act we perform is a process of layers — the intent, the tools, the space, the words, the feelings, the action — an amazing collection of layer…after layer…after layer.  Some of our actions boldly pierce through those layers, and others carry just a muted hint of their purpose.

With every word you utter — the power builds.

The question is — where are you REALLY placing your power?

Mars in Libra turned retrograde yesterday.  Today Saturn in Scorpio turns retrograde.   When any planet turns retrograde it looks within.  My favorite analogy is one of those old, hard super balls.  Remember them?  A bit of a bounce and it would careen all over the place…

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